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Dear Colleagues,
Once it became clear that COVID-19 was more than a mayfly, we decided to proceed with the Leuven Vascular Symposium as a live webinar.
On the one hand this was an easy decision as we didn’t want to risk that a 30-year-old tradition would fall victim to the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions. On the other hand this decision was quite difficult to take as the Leuven Vascular Symposium is not only appreciated for its focus on evidence and quality, but also as a meeting place for vascular surgeons, trainees, nurses and other healthcare professionals as well as our industrial partners.
We accepted the challenge and this resulted in a virtual platform with interactive lectures and (for the first time) dedicated workshops. A virtual exhibit will be in place, allowing for direct contact with industry representatives, faculty and colleagues.
Put aside your hesitation for digital interaction and exchange your thoughts about
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Leuven Vascular Symposium in the cloud! Just bring your own seat, coffee and meal.
Take care!
On behalf of the vascular team in Leuven,
Inge Fourneau



    Donna Peerboom will be happy to answer all your questions on the Quality Indicator Project during an individual talk.

    To be announced – 05/12/2020

Interactive Sessions

Moderator: K. Vanslembroek
Co-moderator: S. Thomis

  • Topic 1: Early endovenous ablation in venous ulceration?
    M. Gohel
  • Topic 2: Compression therapy in venous ulceration 
    K. van der Wegen-Franken

Meet the faculty: K. Vanslembroek, B. Bechter-Hugl, S. Thomis, K. van der Wegen-Franken, M. Gohel

Meet the industry

Moderator: P. Lauwers
Co-moderator: S. Houthoofd

  • Topic 3: Arterialisation of the foot in no option patients
    A. Casini

Meet the faculty: P. Lauwers, S. Houthoofd, G. Matricali, S.Wuite

Meet the industry

Moderator: F. Vermassen
Co-moderator: H. Mufty

  • Topic 4: How WIFI and GLASS can help to estimate the probability of successful revascularisation
    J.B. Ricco
  • Topic 5: WIFI and GLASS in practice
    H. Mufty

Meet the faculty: J.B. Ricco, K. Daenens, S. Houthoofd, H. Mufty, I. Fourneau

Meet the industry

Moderator: M. Dubois
Co-moderator: I. Fourneau

  • Topic 6: Leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) as a regenerative medicine strategy for the treatment of refractory leg uclers
    N.R. Pinto

Meet the faculty: M. Dubois, N. Pinto, T. Michiels, I. Fourneau

Meet the industry


Chatrooms : meet the industry, meet the faculty


T. Michiels, L. Dox, N. Vandewauwer

S. Houthoofd, E. Busschots, J. Osselaer