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Vascular Symposium 2020

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In case you have problems logging in, do not have proper access or other cases, please contact us immediately at
This e-mail address will be actively monitored throughout the event.

In order to receive a certificate of attendance, an online questionnaire must be completed for each session that you attended.

Follow our Vascular Symposium 2020

9h00 – 10h15

Venous ulcers

10h15 – 11h00

Diabetic foot ulcers

11h00 – 11h45

Arterial ulcers

11h45 – 12h30

Focal therapy for ulcers

Take the opportunity to exchange experiences with the faculty following the talks!

Helpdesk Quality Indicators Project

Curious about the Belgian Vascular Quality Indicators Project? Mrs Donna Peerboom is ready to take all your questions and ideas.

Meet the faculty

Sorry. We can’t offer you a drink or food.
But, take it yourself and we are ready for a chat between 12h30 and 13h30! Looking forward to MEET YOU!


Click on the workshop you wish to attend. Please note: you can only follow the workshops for which you are registered.

10h15 – 11h15

Practice essentials in compression therapy

12h30 – 13h30

Practice essentials in the Belgian Vascular Quality Indicators Project

13h30 – 14h30

Practice essentials in L-PRF

14h45 – 15h45

Practice essentials in off-loading

16h00 – 17h00

Practice essentials in active wound dressings

Meet the industry

Visit the chatrooms of our industrial partners! DISCOVER what they have in store and ENJOY their hospitality.
We left this entirely to them but don’t forget to bring your own drink and seat 😉



Only accessible to medical doctors

BD Bard

Be Medical

BMS-Pfizer Alliance

Boston Scientific


Cook Medical Belgium


Daiichi-Sankyo Belgium

DMB Medical

GD Medical



Only accessible to medical doctors

Hospithera – the Surgical Company




Philips HealthSystems Benelux

Philips (Volcano Europe)