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I. Fourneau

Interactive Sessions

Moderators: X.Berard (Bordeaux), W.Lansink (Genk)

  • Topic 1: Fenestrated and branched endografts after failed EVAR. (15’)
    J. Sobocinski
  • Topic 2: Frozen elephant trunc for thoracic aneurysms: a safer option than debranching? (15’)
    P. Verbrugghe
  • Topic 3: Open conversion after failed endovascular repair: when is this the better option? (15’)
    J. Schmidli 
  • Discussion (15′)

Moderators: E. Verhoeven (Nürnbeg), P. Remy (Charleroi)

  • Topic 4: Flaired limbs technique in iliac branch era: a safe option? (15’)
    N. Chakfé 
  • Topic 5: Reinterventions after fenestrated and branched endografting for degenerative aortic aneurysms. (15’)
    M. Gargiulo
  • Discussion (15′)

Chatrooms + exhibition : industry, helpdesk quality indicators

Moderators: C. Randon (Ghent), M. Elens (Brussels)

  • Topic 6: Type II endoleaks are a source of concern (15’)
    M. d’Oria
  • Topic 7: Type II endoleaks are a non-issue (15’)
    J. de Bruin
  • Debate (20’)
  • Topic 8: Embolization of type II endoleaks (20′)
    G. Maleux

Hospithera Award


Chatrooms  + exhibition: industry, helpdesk quality indicators


2:00 to 5:00 PM (language will depend on the language of the participants)

X.Berard – I.Fourneau

In the majority of AAA patients endoprosthesis has become the first choice treatment at the price of a higher amount of reinterventions. Most of those reinterventions are endovascular as well. But when aneurysm sac growth persists and  endovascular options are exhausted, explantation of the endoprosthesis and open repair can be the final solution.

In this workshop you will learn tips and tricks to explant the endoprostheses safely.

Learning objective:

    • Tips and tricks for a safe explantation of endoprosthesis

E.Verhoeven  H.Mufty

Are you intrigued by the endovasculair repair of complex aneurysms? Do you always use the same type of bridging stent and don’t see the added value of using different types? Do you face problems with type Ic/IIIc endoleaks or are you just curious?

This workshop is not only the place to learn about the behaviour of different bridging stents in difficult anatomies and the optimal bridging stent for your patient. There will also be a focus on diagnostic aids during angiography and tips and tricks how to repair type Ic/IIIc endoleaks

Learning objectives:

    • To choose the optimal bridging stent for your patient
    • To learn how to deal with type Ic/IIIc endoleaks

O.Yazar – S.Houthoofd

In an era of endovascular aneurysm repair, stent grafts maintaining pelvic perfusion for treating aneurysms involving the iliac arteries are of particular interest.

This workshop is the place to be if you want to know how to place an iliac branched device.

Tips and tricks for deployment will be discussed. An overview of different available devices will be given.

Learning objectives :

    • to see practical examples of how to deploy an iliac branched device
    • to learn about indications and limitations to use an iliac branched device
    • to learn about problem solving when using an iliac branch device

Are you aiming to improve your routine in open aortic anastomosis? Do you want to prepare yourself for explantation of EVAR?

In this workshop we will guide you towards the perfect aortic anastomosis.

Learning objectives :

    • Hands-on training in aortic anastomosis

The Mazebox is a simulator for individual endovascular training. Classic endovascular material, such as catheters and guidewires, are used with tactile feedback. In this way the mazeBox provides a realistic experience.

Learning objectives :

    • Hands-on endovascular training