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I. Fourneau, S. Thomis

Interactive Sessions

Moderators: N. Gebruers, D. Vandenbussche

  • Topic 1: European Reference Network: structure and goal (15′)
    R. Damstra
  • Topic 2: Diagnosis and Care Protocol for primary lymphedema (online – 15′)
    S. Vignes
  • Topic 3: Modification Genetic pathway St George Hospital London (online – 15′)
    K. Gordon
  • Discussion (15′)

Chatrooms + exposition : industry, helpdesk quality indicators, meet the faculty

Moderator: C. Randon, T. Deltombe

  • Topic 4: Risk factors for the development of breast cancer-related lymphedema (online – 15′)
    V. Keeley
  • Topic 5: Role of exercise in development of lymphedema (15′)
    K. Johansson
  • Topic 6: Early disturbance visualized by lymphofluoroscopy as a risk factor for development of breast cancer-related lymphedema (15′)
    S. Thomis
  • Discussion (15′)

Chatrooms + exposition : industry, helpdesk quality indicators, meet the faculty


Moderators: V. Van Besien, K. Vanslembrouck

  • Topic 7: First results of the multidisciplinary program lymphedema (15′)
    T. Deltombe
  • Topic 8: The role of nutrition in lymphedema treatment (15′)
    B. Vanderschueren
  • Topic 9: Preventive lymphovenous anastomisis – LYMPHA technique (online – 15′)
    F. Boccardo
  •  Discussion (15′)

The Surgical Company Award


Chatrooms  + exposition: industry, helpdesk quality indicators, meet the faculty


2:00 to 6:00 PM (language will depend on the language of the participants)

R. Suy-Verburg

It took centuries to find out the anatomy and function of the lymphatic system.

Are you curious to find out more how this discovery started and how it evolved?

In this workshop you will find out who discovered the lymphatic system first in animals and then in humans. You will see that there are a lot of intriguing stories associated with this discovery.

Learning objectives:

    • To learn about the discovery of the lymphatic system
    • To see the association between the lymphatic and chylous system

J. Verheijen – C. Matthys

Use of ketogenic diet? Is it a weight-loss programme or does ketone have a signal function? What about the gastronomic aspect of a ketogenic diet?

In this workshop we will discuss some benefits but as well some difficulties of the ketogenic diet in the context of lymphedema.

Learning objectives:

    • To learn the current evidence of diet on lymphedema
    • To learn how to create a ketogenic diet
    • To know how to motivate patients following a ketogenic diet

K. Bernaerts – A. de Graaf

Do you regularly see brittle skin or wounds in lymphedema patients ?

In this workshop, on the basis of various patient cases from daily practice, tips will be given about skin and wound care for this specific population. Advice will be given on the management and prevention of erysipelas.

Learning objectives :

To learn in patients with lymphedema :

    • about daily skin care
    • about specific wound care
    • about erysipelas

S. Thomis – N. Devoogdt

What is a ICG lymphofluoroscopy? How can I use this imaging technique in the daily care of lymphedema patients?

In this workshop the procedure of the lymphofluoroscopy will be explained on the basis of a patient case. You will be amazed by the nice images that can be obtained. The indications and contra-indications will be explained.

Learning objectives :

    • To learn what a lymphofluoroscopy is and how it is performed
    • To learn how it can help you in the daily care of lymphedema patients